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The 50 MHz and Up Group is an educational and public service amateur radio organization centered in the San Francisco Bay area. The group is interested in developing and utilizing communications on frequencies from 50MHz up through light-waves. The group is open to any related topics that might be of interest to members, such as: technology, design, construction, operation, public service, contesting and antennas.
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For questions about this group or about programs and activities, please contact the 2019 President, Mike Lavelle (K6ML):  miclevel at comcast.net

2019 dues and member information must be updated

If you have changed your address, email, phone, other info, please send a simple email to jpawlan@yahoo.com
If nothing has changed at all, then once a year please send an email saying nothing has changed. Make sure you state whether your email address has been changed or not.
To send a memberform with your updated information or to join, please go to the Membership tab of this website.
Dues are $10 for a year, $15 for two years. This can be brought to a meeting or sent to the new Treasurer:
Oliver Barrett
1111 Pecos Way
Sunnyvale CA 94089

Make your check payable to 50MHz and Up Group of N. Calif Inc

Location, day, and time of the meetings of the 50MHz and Up Group:

We have reserved the Summit Room within the Sports Basement store in Sunnyvale for 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month except for July and December.
The address of the Sports Basement is:
1177 Kern Ave
Sunnyvale, CA

April 2019 Meeting Announcement

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 2 at 7pm in the "Summit Room" at the Sunnyvale Sports Basement (see above) All of our meetings are public and everyone is invited. For our program, Juan Rivera, WA6HTP, will talk about his new 1296 EME station and his 600 watt SSPA. We will also ask everyone to share their plans for the SMBS 2 GHz and Up contest (May 4-5, before the May meeting; Please click here to view or download the SBMS contest rules. We must exit the building at 9pm.

Minutes of the March 2019 meeting

Mike Lavelle (K6ML) called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.
The meeting started with announcements.

Current Announcements:

The next Electronic Flea Markets will at the Sunnyvale Frys Electronics parking lot Saturday March 9th, and April 13th.
The 50 MHz and Up Group Tune Up party and Picnic is tentatively scheduled for the end of July 20th or 21st.
Microwave Update 2019 will be in Texas, October 4-5. For more information see http://www.microwaveupdate.org/

The upcoming Contest Calendar

The Central States VHF and Up Sprints is coming up, starting Monday April 8th for 144 MHz, April 16th for 222 MHz, April 24th for 432 MHz, May 4th for 1296 MHz and above, and May 11th for 50 MHz. For more information see https://sites.google.com/site/springvhfupsprints/home/2019-information

SBMS 2 GHz and Up Contest, May 4-5, 6 AM Saturday to midnight Sunday. There are both club and individual categories for this contest. For more information see http://n6nb.com/sbmsrules.htm

ARRL June VHF Contest, June 8-9, 11 AM Saturday to 8 PM Sunday. For more information see http://www.arrl.org/june-vhf

ARRL 222 MHz and Up Contest, August 3-4, 11 AM Saturday to 11 AM Sunday.

ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest, August 17-18, 6 AM Saturday to midnight Sunday. For more information see http://www.arrl.org/10-ghz-up

ARRL September VHF Contest, September 14-16, 11 AM Saturday to 8 PM Sunday

ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest, September 21-22, 6 AM Saturday to midnight Sunday.

The meeting continued with a presentation by Gary Lauterbach, K6MG on his stressed parabola design for portable operation. This was followed by a roundtable discussion of current projects and activities.
minutes by Brian Kline

The new 2019 Officers and Board Members

Stressed parabola design for portable operation by Gary Lauterbach, K6MG

Please click here to view or download. This is a PDF.


Microwave Beacons in operation The following beacons are known to be operating as of 04-16-2016:

Mt Vaca CM88wj 38.415, -122.116 10368.325 W6ASL +30dBm 10dBi omni CW ID
Mt Allison CM97bl 37.500, -121.872 10369.192

+30dBm total out

10dBi omni

12dBi omni
open WG
CW ID, drifts ~10 kHz
Linear translator: Output is 11-55 kHz above beacon
Input 600 kHz below desired output
FM ID, aimed to Los Gatos
Mt Leeson CM97ae 37.167, -121.924 10367.990
KF6KVG +20dBm
2.5" horn
1.5" horn
1.25" horn
0.6" horn
FM ID, locked, aimed NW
FM ID, locked, aimed NW
FM ID, unlocked, aimed NW
no ID, locked, aimed NW
Bear Mtn. DM06ir 37.747, -119.281 24191.990 W6BY/B +27dBm 20 slot omni locked, IDs as DM07IC, will fix
Mt Frazier DM04ms 34.775, -118.969 10368.310 N6CA/B +31dBm 14dBi omni CW ID, locked
Heaps Peak DM14kf 34.235, -117.141 10368.370 ? +?? dBm ??dBi omni CW ID
Palos Verdes DM03ts 33.747, -118.336 10368.300 N6CA/B +32dBm 14dBi omni CW ID, locked
Santiago DM13fr 33.712, -117.534 10368.330 KE6JUV +27dBm 10dBi omni CW ID, locked
San Miguel DM12mq 32.697, -116.935 5760.000
+34dBm EIRP
10dBi omni
12dBi omni
CW ID, locked
CW ID, locked, aimed to LA