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Using the Members List Reflector

Look at any email you receive from this list reflector to see which email address you had subscribed. In order to send a message you must set your email program to use this same address else the reflector software will reject it.

Current Updated Rosters Available to Members

Members may obtain the rosters in several sort orders by logging into the Members Only webpage. These have been updated but are not completely accurate because we have not received updated information from everyone stating that their information is correct.

The new 2022 Officers and Board Members

Join or Renew Your Membership

To join or update your information annually, download this simple form: click here to download a text file.
Paste it into your email window and put in all of your information. Then send it to jpawlan@yahoo.com with the subject: memberform.

If you already have a memberform on file, then please send a simple email to jpawlan@yahoo.com. Simply state either that nothing has changed, or include a changed address or phone (including your cellphone) or a deletion of a phone number. Make sure you state whether your email address has been changed or not.

If you live within the Bay area, then you will be a full voting member after paying the dues. The annual dues are $10 per year or $15 for 2 years. This must be sent via mail to the new Treasurer, Oliver Barrett or bring it to a monthly meeting.
Make the check payable to: 50MHz and Up Group of N. Calif, Inc.
His address is:
Oliver Barrett
1111 Pecos Way
Sunnyvale CA 94089

Those living outside of the Bay area are not required to pay dues but then their membership level is Friend and does not include voting privileges. All Friends should have a current memberform on file and please let us know if there are any changes.