The 50MHz and Up Group of Northern California

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June VHF contest 6/8-9.

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50MHz and Up Group Meeting

July Meeting: 7/13 at Sandy Wool Area, Ed Levin Park, Milpitas    
Radio Testing (830am) and Picnic (~ noon)

See for directions & info on rig testing ... bring your radios; come see how others built theirs!

See mail list for announcement and to RSVP for food count

Technical Library

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Who We Are

The 50 MHz and Up Group is an educational and public service amateur radio organization centered in the San Francisco South Bay area. The group is interested in developing and utilizing communications on frequencies from 50MHz up through light-waves. The group is open to any related topics that might be of interest to members, such as: technology, design, construction, operation, public service, contesting and antennas.