50 MHz and Up Group meeting minutes 4/2/2024

The meeting was held in person at the Hacker Dojo at 855 Maude Ave. Mountain View, and on the Internet via Zoom.

Jim Moss (N9JIM) called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.


The next meeting will be May 7th, in person at Hacker Dojo and on the Internet via Zoom. Watch the Email reflector for login information.

The 50 MHz and Up Group 2024 dues for all regular members are due. $10 for a year, $15 for two years. Out of area members are associate (non-voting) members, and dues are not required. Donations will be accepted.

Send dues payments to.

Oliver Barrett

1111 Pecos Way

Sunnyvale CA 94089

Also send an email to jpawlan@yahoo.com with your contact information. A form which can automatically be sent is available at http://www.50mhzandup.org/membership.html, or send an email indicating that your contact information remains unchanged.

Up Coming events

The Mt Allison 10 GHz translator net is held on the third Sunday of the month (April 16th), at 4 PM for the winter.

The next ASVARO Electronics Flea Market will be April 14, at West Valley College, 14000 Fruitvale Ave. Saratoga. Check https://www.electronicsfleamarket.com/ for more information.

Valley of the Moon Amateur Radio Club (VOMARC) Swap Meet is coming up April 27 at the First Congregational Church of Sonoma, 252 W Spain St, Sonoma. For more information see www.vomarc.org/events/hamfest.html

Carmichael Elks Ham Radio & Electronics Swap Meet is coming up May 26 at the Carmichael Elks #2103, 5631 Cypress Ave, Carmichael. For more information see www.k6is.org/news/9/49/Carmichael-Elks-Lodge-Ham-Swap-Meet-May-26th

The upcoming Contest Calendar

DUBUS/REF EME 2m/70cm CW/SSB Contest,

3.4 GHz          March 17

2.4 GHz          April 14

1296 MHz       May 11-12

24 GHz           June 8

10 GHz           June 9

5.7 GHz          July 28

Central States VHF Society Spring Sprints

222 MHz Tuesday April 16, 0700 – 1100 PM

432 MHz Wednesday April 24, 0700 – 1100 PM

Microwave Saturday May 4, 0800 AM – 0200 PM

50 MHz Saturday May 11 2300Z through May 15, 0300Z

For more information see www.csvhfs.org/index.php/awards-and-programs/spring-sprints

SBMS 2 GHz and Up Contest, May 4-5?, 6 AM Saturday to midnight Sunday.

There are both club and individual categories for this contest.

For more information see n6nb.com/sbmsrules.htm

ARRL June VHF Contest, June 8-102, 11 AM Saturday to 8 PM Sunday.

            For more information see www.arrl.org/june-vhf

ARRL Field Day, June 22-23, 11 AM Saturday to 2 PM Sunday.

            For more information see www.arrl.org/field-day

ARRL 222 MHz and Up Contest, August 3-4, 11 AM Saturday to 11 AM Sunday.

ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest, August 17-18, 6 AM Saturday to midnight Sunday.

            For more information see www.arrl.org/10-ghz-up

ARRL September VHF Contest, September 14-16, 11 AM Saturday to 8 PM Sunday

ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest, September 21-22, 6 AM Saturday to midnight Sunday.

Old Business:

Treasurers Report

Oliver Barrett was not present so there was no treasurer’s report.

Group Projects Wiki, Brian Kline had nothing new to report on the group projects wiki.

Group Parts and Components, Jim Moss had nothing new to report on the Group Parts and Components list.

There was no other old business.

New Business:

There was no new business.

That concluded the formal portion of the meeting.

K6MG presented the results on the recent “Microwave Activity Day”

The presentation was followed by a discussion of plans for the upcoming SBMS 2 GHz and Up Contest.

Seven stations expressed interest in operating during the SBMS May 4-5.

Mostly on Saturday, with some planning to be on both days, others will announce their plans on the email reflector.

Brian Kline, WA6QDP

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